A U.S. young man's Chinese dream

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(ECNS) -- Cong Yun, a Chinese language enthusiast, has a small studio in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

The young American began video-recording in this space, no more than 7 square meters, 4 years ago.

Objects with Chinese elements, like fans and ink-wash paintings, can be seen scattered around.

Cong Yun says he likes Chinese culture very much, especially the language and its characters.

He has found a shorthand method of stereo imaging for foreigners to learn Chinese characters.

Using this method, it took him only two years to pass the highest level in the Chinese proficiency test.

He first taught other Chinese language learners offline and then online via webcast. Now, he teaches through video course recording. His audience hails from across the world, and the number is still increasing.

Cong Yun says he hopes to create a platform where people from all time zones could learn Chinese together. He further hopes Chinese will become easier to learn.

Cong Yun

Chinese language enthusiast

Chinese itself is a very interesting language, and our methods are very effective. We learn much faster than all of our classmates, so we want to share our methods, to help them learn Chinese quickly.

After you grasp Chinese characters, you realize that Chinese is very logical. Our learning technique uses stereo imaging.

Words on paper are hard to remember, but if we can embody components of each Chinese character, it will become an object, a person, or a place in our imagination. That helps us remember them faster and better.

There are about 420 syllables in Mandarin, or 1,200 if tones are accounted for. But English has 16,000 syllables.

English is a language formed from many sources, so its rules are not uniform and clear.

However, if you learn Chinese characters well, you will find Chinese is a language with clear logic and unified rules, so it is very easy to learn.

We have a great plan, that is to make people realize that Chinese is not the most difficult language in the world.


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